Review – Service Delay

EP: Koda
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Genre: Punk Rock

Service Delay has been putting their music throughout the streets of Toronto since early 2017. Building up a reputation with the local scene they released their debut EP Koda at the end of January. As a fan of pop-punk/punk rock, I knew this album would interest me right away.

“Cavities” starts off like the best punk songs, fast and shouting lyrics with pure emotion but what caught me off guard is at the end of the song. It slows down and evokes true emotion which was something I wasn’t expecting.

“Bogues” was another song I didn’t expect, with one of my favourite lines I’ve ever heard. The under 1-minute song talks about what I can assume is a bad break up. The band is convincing their friend to “get wasted so we can forget to remember”, a line I really enjoyed.

“I.N.Y.B.” (this will haunt me for never knowing what it stands for) is a fast, mosh pit song with classic rebellion lyrics about betrayal, love lost and more. I can see this song going over huge at live shows. “Obligations” starts off with a deep, heavy bass line with the band coming in with heavy gang vocals. Another quick but heavy song.

“Back to Life” closes the album with an excellent pop-punk vibe. It has great guitar work, excellent gang vocals, and a perfect mix of clean and unclean vocals. The song is the perfect album ender since it has elements of the other songs on the EP but it’s a song that can stand on its own.

For an EP, these guys have started off great. Continuing to build up a reputation with the rest of Canada, this release is a step in the right direction for them. I can only imagine what’s to come.

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