Review – Christian Parry

EP: Sweet Life
Release Date: February 16, 2018
Genre: Alternative

Grimsby, Ontario’s own Christian Parry released his latest EP Sweet Life earlier this year. Parry wrote, recorded and produced each tune on Sweet Life himself, creating an effortlessly cool album. The smooth vocals bring the lyrics to life, as they dance around with the sultry beats. Certainly an artist to keep an eye on.

“Where It Is”, the first tune kicking off Sweet Life has an effortlessness about it – the underlying sexiness give this tune a jazzy vibe. Parry has a voice the could soothe even the angstiest of listeners into utter relaxation. Lyrically, Parry really speaks to the tone of the song, and take listeners on a journey through a heartbreaking romance. The tune, while simple encompasses the essence of Parry’s talents – making it the perfect way to kick off such a sensational EP.

“Never See You ‘Round” plays more into the singer/ songwriter side of Parry’s talents. Keeping with the alternative jazzy vibe that suits him so well, this tune gives us more passion. Listeners are sure to be enchanted by the once again, incredible vocals which are paired so incredibly well with the upbeat tempo and easy-going beats. Singing of fearfulness and love, the lyrics are relatable and heartbreaking. Accompanied by an exquisite female vocalist, the chemistry throughout the song really brings it to life.

“Back of My Mind”, the third song from Sweet Life is quintessentially everything listeners could ask for from Christian Parry. This mash-up of indie, bluesy jazz makes for an outstanding tune – and the perfect addition to any summer playlist. Once again, showing off the absolute effortless talent he possesses, Parry composes a tune that is lyrically compelling, and vocally incredible.

“Be There” slows it back down, giving listener’s a sense of despair all while reinforcing it with lyrics instilling us with hope. A song of true love, sure to have listener’s swaying along to the jazzy tempo. Parry continues to ‘wow’ us with the sultriness of his voice – making listeners feel like the tune is a personalized serenade.

The title track “Sweet Life” wraps up the EP. There is no other way to describe this song than sweet… unimaginably, Parry has given listeners possibly the most delicate tune they will have ever heard. The song is unbelievable – from the softness of the tempo to the tenderness of the vocals and the elegance of the lyrics, it creates an atmosphere of pure bliss. The perfect end to such a well-rounded EP.

Sweet Life is an album all its own – uniquely Parry’s. Throughout it all, Parry maintains an effortless flow and continually exhibits his exquisite talent. Listeners will be sucked in from the first note to the very last. These tunes are sure to touch the heart of many listeners as well as get stuck in their heads. Be sure to check out Sweet Life and the rest of Christian Parry’s discography!

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