Review – Cara Leigh

Album: Home
Release Date: March 2, 2018
Genre: Folk/Indie

Canadian singer-songwriter Cara Leigh released her sixth EP Home with Electric Bird Records.

Produced by the UK’s Cornelius Julius, Cara says this is some of her best work to date, on the release. Through these songs, Cara takes her fans through her musical journey, nodding to the variety of influences she’s shown her fans through her last EPs; blends of indie, folk, rock, and electronic elements.

The 5-track EP opens with the title “Home”, a dreamy melody that feels like you’re being taken on the road with Cara – telling a story about coming back to that familiar place or feeling. There’s a comfort in the way she sings about this; the overall message can connect with listeners on so many levels. From the comforts of the title track, she moves into “That Night”, an acoustic gem that features haunting guitar riffs throughout- there’s an atmosphere to that particular song that feels reminiscent of bands like Jimmy Eat World.

The third track “Ebb & Flow” slows things down both melodically and lyrically- touching on feelings of uncertainty; her voice is particularly comforting here. Went Away brings emotions to the surface as she sings about dealing with the loss of a friend. The EP is tied together with the hopefulness of “Burning Free” – making the best of the time she has, through the ups and downs with standout lyrics like “Our light shines on. In the darkness, we are the dawn.”

Cara’s willingness to take us through her experiences and the emotions that follow are one of the things that make singer-songwriters so interesting to follow. Her themes are lyrically universal This award-winning artist already has a few EPs under her belt, but if this latest release is anything to go by, she’s just getting started.

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