Review – Graham Nicholas

Album: Dial Tones and Pretty Notes
Release Date: February 27, 2018
Genre: Folk/ Roots/ Country

Toronto based folk/roots/country songwriter Graham Nicholas announces the release of his 3rd full-length album, Dial Tones and Pretty Notes. Nicholas has created an emotionally resonant world inhabited by troubled and love-hungry characters. Never alienated by their insecurities, his characters are instead respected by the empathetic voice of an honest songwriter.

The album finds Nicholas honing in on his concise form of storytelling and refining his irreverent sense of humor. Coupling the narratives with a backing band that harkens back to the likes of The Heartbreakers, Travelling Wilburys, and The Byrds, Nicholas’ songs have found the right balance of warmth and grit. It was recorded and produced by Graham’s long-time collaborator Aaron Comeau.

I can guarantee you will have a more than one favourite off of this album, it was difficult for me to only choose 2 but “Dark Horses” has a smooth old country sound that I could listen to forever! Another favourite had to be “Weight Of The World”, it has an upbeat country/folk sound, that a lot of fans will love! I found myself going through the album several times to pick these two tracks out, and each time I enjoyed the release even more.

As I had mentioned previously I think this album with bring big things for Graham Nicholas. Remember this name because he will be a household favourite in no time! This was definitely one of my favourite album reviews to date. I really enjoyed listening to each song on the track as they all had their own uniqueness.

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