Sled Island to return for it’s 11th year

Summer is just around the corner, which means time for patio parties, vacations and a ton of musical festivals. Sled Island is no exception. Returning for its 11th year in June; this five-day music and arts festival takes over more than 35 venues in Calgary bringing you music, film, art, and comedy. Sled Island strives to welcome not only big-names from across the globe but also puts the smaller artists in the spotlight. So you are bound to discover something new every year.

Like Record Store Day every big festival needs their ambassador. Sled Island had welcomed Deerhoof to this year’s lineup. Deerhoof is joining names such as Flying Lotus (2017), Andrew WK (2012) and Mark Hamilton (2007). Alongside many more. Deerhoof hails from San Francisco and formed in 1994, they have 14 studio album releases with other ventures; including playing Sled Island in 2010.

With the curator comes the first wave of bands and artists, including Italian metal legends Ufomammut, solo-electronic artist Eucademix, 40 Watt Sun and many more. With tons of music, art, and comedy from all around the globe, there is always something for everybody at Sled Island.

Uformammut hailing from Tortona Italy had released their first album in 2000, a demo in 1999 and continued to release more until the current date. Totalling Eight Studio Albums and a few DVDs. The Italian trio has developed a sound consisting of lengthy songs which fuse heavy riffs, droned vocals and synths. What mixes better with heavy music than visual effects? The band also includes video and graphic art with their sets.

Eucaemix (Yuka Honda) is a Japanese musician who resides in New York. Hitting her first stage at the famous CBGB in 1988. She continues to develop her unique sound as a multi-instrumentalist. Focusing primarily on piano, synthesizers, sampling, composing, and record producing, she brings a unique twist to the electronic genre. Her shows are never the same and always exploding with energy.

40 Watt Sun started after Patrick Walker discontinued his previous project; Warning. Though the name is known, not much is known about the band. Patrick barely speaks to the press and picks at common notions surrounding his band. Though musically the songs are emotive and gloomy, the vocals are clean, rich and full of passion. Through their set be prepared to be overwhelmed with feelings of love, loss, and everything in between.

Stay tuned as Sled Island announces the rest of the line-up, we will be picking our Top 5 artists to catch this year. For now, check out the new Spotify playlist and check out the rest of the lineup before you pick up your tickets here.

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