PREMIERE – Apollo Architecht release Everlast & Moksha

Album Art Credit: Bipin Kumar

Apollo Architect has teamed up with a group called Make It Mindful, which uses art to raise awareness for mental health in the Peel Region of Ontario as part of the Bohemian Soul Project. 50% of sales will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). They will release a new single on the last Saturday of every month in 2018. Last month, it was “Arthouse” (A-Side) and “Flicker” (B-Side), which you can check out here.

This month, we have two more great tracks, “Everlast” (A-Side) and “Moksha” (B-Side).

When asked about the two singles, Bipin Kumar commented,

“Everlast is one of my favourite songs I’ve written. It’s a bit of a love song. I’m just very proud of it.

Moksha was about a sound. I was trying to figure out a very ethereal sound; what I was going to make the sound of the project now.”

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