Review – Mayhemingways

Album: Skip Land
Release Date: February 23, 2018
Genre: Fuzz Folk

Mayhemingways have the most unique sounding genre ever, fuzz folk. I’ve never heard of this genre before so I did a quick research. Supposedly, it’s part of the psychedelic folk genre and the only band I’ve ever heard of from the genre is Neutral Milk Hotel but that has all changed with Mayhemingways.

Releasing Skip Land¬†on the 23rd of February, the album features 10 songs, all with their own stories. “Frances The Truck Driver” is about a kid driving a truck across Canada, while “Haybales” is about upcoming months. It’s nice to see how every song has their own backstory to explore while listening to each.

The biggest thing I noticed is the variety of sounds from a duo. There is acoustic guitar, harmonica, drums, banjo and more, all recorded by two guys. It shows their talent to the craft and how each song can have its own unique sound by fusing so many instruments together.

This album has a variety of moods to it, as some songs are fast while some slow right down like “The Baby”. The story of this ones sounds like how being a baby is easy but once you grow, it becomes harder. That’s my personal take but I can assure you that you’ll find a different meaning.

This is an album that everyone can listen to, enjoy and take something away from it. I highly suggest streaming this album and giving me your review of the song as well, and if you agree with my analysis of “The Baby”!

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