The Whiskey Jerks to play The Bassment in Saskatoon on February 23rd

As part of the Northern Soul Series, local old-school neo-country punks The Whiskey Jerks will be carousing up country chaos at The Bassment on Friday February 23rd.

A long-running fan favourite, and a staple of the Saskatoon music scene, The Whiskey Jerks are bringing their down-home, klezmer-influenced, folky-swing, roots-rock joy to Saskatoon music fans’ hearts, to promote their current project, and to create a rousing Friday night raucous!

The Whiskey Jerks’ new album, My Baba Was a Bootlegger, is in the works including the klezmer meets prairie country-rock title track, a sonic train chugging track with intermingling parts, a mix of “Istanbul Was Constantinople” travelling down the line past Folsom Prison, “Charlene” a mystic darkness-emitting dirge, “Everybody’s In a Hurry” a driving thoughtful pop tune and the Dixieland influenced “Walleyed Clyde”.

Band members Gillian Snider (accordion), Anna Bekolay (violin), James Diakuw (clarinet), Nevin Buehler (upright bass), Peter Aboyni (guitar), and Aidan Weiman (percussion) eagerly await whiskey influenced singalongs and jigging polka-influenced choices.

As a bonus, to boost The Whiskey Jerks’ Facebook page to 1000 likes, the Whiskey Jerks will send their fans a personalized copy of their four-song EP, and other assorted Whiskey Jerks’ swag, up to the Friday, February 23rd show.  Check out their Facebook page for details.

With opening act Fabian Minnema, The Whiskey Jerks will be creating a floor stomping, wall shaking, big cheering good time!  Grab your moonshine jugs and hop on, then off the wagon, at the Bassment this Friday night!

Check out The Whiskey Jerks at The Bassment on Friday February 23rd.  Doors at 9 pm.  For tickets, go to for details.       

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