Review – Foil of the Stars

Album: Tree of Snails
Release Date: January 20, 2018
Genre: Alt-Rock

Foil of the Stars released their latest EP-Tree of Snails on January 20, 2018, across all major platforms. The Toronto based band have talked about being experimental with their sound, which caught my interest, as I love hearing new creative works.

The overall feel of this album is mellow. The band portrays a unique style with each of the songs on the album, making each one possess their own story. “Dark Army” caught me off guard as “Nice Face in a Strange Place” was more upbeat and fast while “Dark Army” was slower and more melodic.

“Anything’s a Toy If You Play With It” is not only a great name, but it’s a techno whirlwind of beauty. The song is slow but the music makes it intense. It’s a 6-minute masterpiece in my mind as it’s one of those songs I can put on anytime and it will fit my mood and keep me relaxed the whole time.

The last two songs, “Fly in the Honey” and “The Fall Away” show they are truly experimenting as both are some of the most creative forms of music I’ve ever heard. As I stated with “Anything’s a Toy…”, these are songs I can hear throughout my day and just be comfortable with them in my surroundings.

Overall, this EP shows that Foil of the Stars are creating something new and unique. The style that they are evoking is just a step into their lasting future in this business. I’m excited to see what creative music they release next.

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