Five Questions With Archipelago

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We recently spoke with Toronto based progressive rock/ metal band, Archipelago. The band has released a new single, “Poisonous Kiss” which you can check out below. While you’re at it, be sure to read our Five Questions With segment to find out a bit about this rockin’ band.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

We are Archipelago, pronounced ‘ar-ki-pel-a-go! We didn’t realize it when we picked the name but apparently, most people don’t know how to pronounce it haha. We are a progressive rock/metal band with a very eclectic range of musical backgrounds, but our training and main roots stem from Humber College’s Bachelor of music program where we all studied jazz and other contemporary styles.

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style.

We try to blend the heavier side of metal and rock with the more beautiful side of prog and classical music. Our music has many different writing influences…everything from Coheed & Cambria to Rush to Tesseract and lots in between. We really try to utilize all our knowledge of the bands/styles we like while still being original. We like to think we have a knack for blending the old with the new, combining extremely heavy and technical parts with classically inspired idioms.

Do you have any upcoming shows? For someone who has yet to see you live, how would you explain your live performance?

We are currently planning a gig on April 19th at the Piston. Our live shows are not only about performing the songs accurately and with conviction, but also about having fun and bringing that live music energy to the prog scene. We value a good experience over perfect playing! For anyone who has not seen us live before, expect a show that will have you not only head-banging and trying to distinguish odd time signatures, but also being completely engulfed in the beautiful floating melodies our songs encapsulate.

If you were asked to suggest only one of your songs for someone to hear, which would it be? 

Of course, we would recommend our new single “Poisonous Kiss”.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

Protest the Hero, Pup, Devin Townsend, Rush, Billy Talent, The Tea Party, Sarah Slean, Monowhales and Odd Ones come to mind first.

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