Kayla Diamond releases video for “What You’re Made Of”

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Diamond

Toronto based pop artist, Kayla Diamond is back with a brand new video for her single, “What You’re Made Of”. The video follows Kayla from childhood to adulthood, telling a story of her journey from a young girl who dreamed of being a songwriter and performer to a fully realized musician and singer. The video is also meant to serve as a loving tribute to her family, who have been nothing but supportive. When asked about the song and video, Kayla commented,

“‘What You’re Made Of’ is about recognizing your own abilities and having the courage to go after your dreams, especially when someone tells you it’s impossible or that you’re not good enough,” reflects Kayla. “Much like the essence of the song, I was able to bring my visions for this video to life by having full creative control over production and direction. I’m lucky that both my parents and my label have supported me from day one; if you have people in your life who push and encourage you, and you believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless. This video means so much to me – I hope you find meaning in it too.”

Kayla has a couple of upcoming shows including a very special set at WE Day in Montreal on February 21. She reflects on the upcoming event,

“I am thrilled to be taking part in WE Day this year. WE Day is doing incredible things and bringing thousands of people together to celebrate and inspire change. It’s an honour to be a part of this.”

She will also join Blake McGrath, professional dancer, choreographer and pop singer on March 6 at The Opera House in Toronto. Get your tickets HERE.

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