Review – Horcrux

EP: The Dark Mark
Release Date: February 16, 2018
Genre: Metal

If anyone has met me, it wouldn’t be long before they found out I’m a Harry Potter fan and I’m also a fan of metal music. As soon as I saw Horcrux, it caught my attention right away. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Horcrux feature members of A Skylit Drive (A favourite of mine), Of Reverie & Here Comes Bigfoot. Their debut EP The Dark Mark was released on February 16 and features 6 songs, some of them inspired by Harry Potter.

As a fan of Harry Potter, Metal and the bands these members come from, I was more than excited to check out this EP and wow, I am into it. “Resilient” starts off heavy, mixing in some synth sounds. The vocals are heavy, the guitar comes in strong and will have you in the metal mood right off the bat. “Wormtail” shows the vocal range of the lead singer. He does a variety of screams, from deep guttural roars to higher pitched shrieks, with this, he shows he is years ahead of the game. The title track “Dark Mark” starts off quick with the guitarist showing his talent, leading to an excellent breakdown that doesn’t soil the song.

“Home” begins with a haunting string section, as well as the vocalist’s screams low in the background, which opens this song in a beautiful way. “The Outsider” features a heavy synched intro, with the guitar following shortly after, giving this song an excellent opening.

The final song “Live Through Me” is perfectly named as I can easily live through the beautiful clean vocals that are placed perfectly between the melodic screams from the lead vocalist. This is an EP I will stream continuously throughout the year as I await a full length from the band.

As the members already have experience in the big picture, these guys are going nowhere but up with their pure skill, beautiful lyrics and intense tone. I can see them getting a lot of attention just from the name alone and progressing it to bigger things from then on.

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