Review – Alex St. Kitts

Album: The Projektor III
Release Date: February 16, 2018
Genre: Alternative/soul

Toronto based, multi-talented, singer/songwriter Alex St. Kitts has just released Projektor III. The release is the last piece of a three piece set that comes together as a full length. St. Kitts is no stranger to the music industry having grown up with musical parents, and spent most of his adult life playing and touring with some of the country’s best musicians all over the world.

This is the final EP instalment of the three-part set of releases. The project fully entitled The Projektor, has been a long road of hard work and dedication for St.Kitts, also marking his breakout in the music world as a solo artist. Projektor III starts out with one of my favourite tracks on the record, “Alright” brings you back to the powerhouse vocals we have come to love from Alex. One thing that I’ve noticed and absolutely adore about this release and the others, is that you can just feel the inspiration of so many various genres within each song. Alex blends so many sounds so effortlessly, it’s what makes you get lost in the tracks entirely. “Do What We Do” is a track that is something completely different from anything else on the EP. A harder hitting, but catchy tune, with great back harmonies and rock and roll guitar riffs, There really is something on Projektor for everyone. “Long Shot” has a chorus that I promise will get stuck in your head. The Projektor III closes out with a sultry track entitled “White Doves” featuring Joseph Recinos.

If I had to describe this album in one word it would be smooth. Everything about it is exactly that; smooth. It’s the perfect conclusion to this three-piece set, also completely solidifying Alex St. Kitts as one talented and capable solo artist.

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