Review – Blair Packham

Album: Unpopular Pop
Release Date: May 18, 2017
Genre: Pop/Funk

Blair Packham is a great Canadian songwriter and is back with an epic 80’s style pop album entitled Unpopular Pop. This release is full of well put together songs. You can hear the musical and real-life experiences come out in all these tracks. Blair is a major member of most Canadian songwriting programs such as Socan and Canadian Music Creators Coalition, he also served as co-vice president of the Songwriters Association of Canada.

I really enjoyed this album as a whole. It is a well put together pop album and his songwriting has strong entertainment qualities. I would love to hear his music in some fun television shows or movies.  He kept my attention with each story he presented. There were a lot of the everyday relationship experiences or workday stories, along with some good ole party time tales!

Songs that stuck out to me on this album were:

“It’s A Long Way Down” is a song about the start of a kiss and how the slide starts from there and it is such a long way down full of tight turns and steep slopes.  When you have a big heart it’s always easy to fall in love, and always hoping the other person will be up for the ride. The guitar in this track caught my attention with its high strums. Also worth mentioning, his storytelling is on point.

“Fast-Talking Johnny” is a song about that one person we all know. That person who always has to be the center of attention. That one guy who makes decisions without anything to fall back on, even though his friends always warn him. I think this song would be a great intro to a movie.

“Don’t Know Why I Feel This Way” has a So-Cal feel to it, I like this track because I grew up with funk music and loved the old Supa-Fly, Pimpin and surfing movies. I totally understand this flow about a sexy kitten coming around and getting his mind all crazy. I really like this one. Applause all around.

Overall the production on this album is very well done and Blair Packham’s vocals are perfect and fun, filled with hype. He has perfected his craft and should have all of our support.

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