Review – HUMANS

Album: The Feels
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Genre: Indie/Electronic

HUMANS, the Vancouver based duo, released their latest EP The Feels on January 26th. As I don’t listen much to the electronic genre, I was interested to see how this album would sound to someone like myself. I was glad to say, I found it very unique.

The title track has a smooth but vibratic feel to it, making it sound unique to anything I’ve ever heard. It was a very surprising start to a genre I knew barely anything about. Followed up with the song “Sip It” that keeps the same tempo but doesn’t ruin the flow of the album. The two songs mix very well together and were placed perfectly on the EP to keep people entertained.

“Boys & Girls” is a song I can hear on the radio, in clubs or at any high-end clothing store. There is an “it” factor that songs need to possess to gain popularity in this day and age, and this song has it! Right off the bat, the music catches you and the simple lyrics keep you drawn in. This song could be their biggest hit if its promoted and displayed properly.

The final song is a remix of sorts. It uses the song “Feels Good” but slips in their song “Sip It” throughout. It has a cool dance club vibe to it, making it a great closing track for the EP.

HUMANS are demonstrating that they are just getting warmed up with their latest EP.  They have a cool, refreshing sound that I’ve personally never heard before and I believe this will open new doors for new listeners everywhere they go.

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