Review – Leaving Thomas

Album: Leaving Thomas
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Genre: Country

They already hit the ground running with their first single “Waiting Kind of Girl” and with their most recent radio hit “Blame it on the Neon”, but now Calgary based duo Leaving Thomas are set to wow many people with their self-titled debut album Leaving Thomas. Eight songs and twenty-five minutes of pure gold, it’s honestly everything wonderful and more – and yes, it’s that hard to describe (for me at least). It may be their first album but It sounds like it came from seasoned musicians who have been in the game for years.

At first listen you can instantly detect the connection that these two singer/songwriters possess together. There’s a unique feeling that comes over you while listening to each track and it’s a little hard to describe. Annika Oegard’s voice is full of depth and emotion and you can tell there’s passion behind her words and her voice in every song. Bryton Udy compliments her vocals without fading behind the scenes. Together they create something special that takes it beyond measure. They remind me of Lady Antebellum mixed with Jess Moskaluke’s vocal power. I know I am no musical genius, but I do know great tunes when I hear them.

While each song brings something amazing to the table, I have to say “Blame it on the Neon” is still my favourite. There’s so much power and passion in Annika’s vocals that it’s incredible. A quick runner up though would definitely be “If This is Love”. You can honestly tell how much she enjoys what she does, even if it’s through your headphones or blasting it in your car. These two are pure talent.

The final thing I enjoy the most about this album is that these songs are very relatable to young adults and adults alike these days. They’re real-life situations that could very well happen in anybody’s everyday life. From heartbreak to new adventures to falling in love, they cover it all. It’s a great combination that everyone can find something to love.

If you’re ready and willing to listen to some amazing new music and support some equally amazing Canadian talent, jump on board. I can tell you right now, you will not be disappointed with Leaving Thomas or the music they have produced!

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