Review – Hollow Twin

Album: The River Saw Everything
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Genre: Dark Folk/Rock

Hollow Twin are quite new to the music scene. Their sophomore EP The River Saw Everything was released today. The duo of Emmalee Watts & Becky Wosk wrote this album during one of their lowest points when Becky’s stepfather was diagnosed with cancer in November of 2016, which lead to his untimely passing in June 2017.

As soon as you start this EP, you can hear the pure nature of this album. Clear vocals through the pain they both must have been going through during this time. The album has its ups and downs as some songs have very dark undertones while others pick the tempo up, making this album a true emotional rollercoaster.

In this kind of situation, I try to imagine what they went through while writing and producing this album. I’ve lost family members to cancer myself, so looking into the undertones they are putting into their songs, I feel connected in a way. Everyone has life-changing moments like this throughout their lives and everyone has their own way of coping. Hollow Twin have used music to cope,  great music at that.

For anyone experiencing any kind of grief, this is a great album to listen to for a brief escape from it all. Five great tracks showing a huge range of spiritual and emotional lyrics. It will be interesting to see what comes from this EP, as it was built from sorrow, hopefully, everything after this will be bigger, brighter and better for them.

Album Art Credit: Ricky Castanedo

Connect with Hollow Twin:

Hey! I’m Carson and I like music and animals. Not only do I have a wide variety of music I enjoy but I also have a wide variety of animals. My style can go from your Top 40 songs right into songs that literally no one has ever heard of in a heartbeat and I’m okay with that. You can find me on the Internet enjoying memes and playing way too many video games for a ‘grown-up’.

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