Review – Single Wound

Album: The Things I Never Got to Say
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Melodic Punk

Single Wound hails from Vaughn, Ontario, right above Toronto. They released their debut EP The Things I Never Got to Say last month. I noticed an Alexisonfire vibe right off the bat which is perhaps the best compliment I can give as I love Alexisonfire.

The first two songs, “Abandon” and “Carrier”, both have fast openings but by the end of the songs, they slow down, showing the true talent of the musicians in the group. The guitar work sounds beautiful after all the heavy riffs before it.

“Breathe” starts off slow but picks up fast. I can see this song being played live and getting a lot of people moving. This is the king of mosh pit songs if I’ve ever heard one. “Separated” gives me throwback punk feelings during the beginning. It has an Alkaline Trio style to it but about a minute in, it goes back to the classic Single Wound sound, heavy riffs, stylized lyrics and all in all just a good old-fashioned headbanging tune to smash your head along to.

As this is the first EP for them, I can see these guys growing and improving with every show, every song and every fan they get along the way. I’d like to see more from these guys, as I am now hoping for a full release in the future. Nothing but best wishes for these guys!

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