Kandle releases new single, “When My Body Breaks”

Photo Credit: John Londono

Montreal based artist, Kandle has recently signed with Sleepless Records. Kandle is the daughter of 54-40’s Neil Osbourne, and she hit the music scene back in 2012 with her debut EP, followed by her full-length album, In Flames in 2014.

Now, she has unveiled her brand new single, “When My Body Breaks” which is written, performed and produced by Kandle and features July Talk’s Peter Dreimanis on vocals and Broken Social Scene’s Sam Goldberg.

Kandle shares some thoughts on the track,

 “When My Body Breaks is a somber drifters tale written on the road. A verse on a stormy highway, a chorus in a neon-lit super 8 between towns, a bridge in a dive bar waiting to play for 50 bucks and a drink ticket. I was raised moving from town to town, an anxious, off-kilter kid with a bowl cut and a strange name desperately wanting to belong.  Now I find myself a grown, wandering nomad – serenading strangers in search of the home I’ve never found. There’s an underlying haze of beauty in solitude where you find yourself caught between two worlds – what is and what could have been. I must have recorded 15 versions of this song, it took the gravely soulful voice of Peter Dreimanis, the solid one take drums of Josh Trager and the dirty blues bends and tones of my long-time collaborator Sammy Goldberg Jr. before it finally felt right. 1 out, 9 more to go.”

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