Review – Letdown

EP: Till Now
Release Date: January 19, 2018
Genre: Punk Rock

Punk-rock has a strong Canadian scene as of late, with bands who have been around forever like Silverstein as well as new, up and comers like Seaway, all making great punk-rock music that explores a huge variety of topics. Great punk-rock music is known for that.

Enter LETDOWN. Hailing from Oshawa, ON the band has released their newest EP Till Now. The release features 4 songs that all have a killer sound and great lyrics mixed with heavy, fast-paced music.

“Downcast” starts off with the classic punk riff, heavy guitars, fast steady drum beat. The lyrics are focused on a love lost and how the protagonist in the song is over it and ready to move on.

The title track “Till Now” has an intense fast punk start, with the song being under 2 minutes long. It is a good power song to show the talent of the band.

The last two songs “Trials” and “Basement (R.I.P.)” end the EP off in a strong way, showing the band has some true talent in the punk-rock genre. “Trials” is fast but slows down, while “Basement” starts off acoustic but turns into slower punk-rock, similar to pop-punk, in a way.

The 4 songs on the EP should impress anyone who is either a long time fan of punk-rock or a new fan. LETDOWN are doing the genre right and if a fan of this genre in the least, these guys are a must hear.

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