Review – The Spruce Moose

Album: The Moose Is Loose
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Genre: Power Metal

The Spruce Moose, a power metal group from Edmonton, Alberta released their first album, The Moose Is Loose in late November. With influences from Rush and Priest – the group, and their album reflect every aspect of power metal – all with a new prog vibe.

Kicking off the album is “Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride” – a tune sure to have listeners rocking along. From the insane vocals and stellar guitar tones, you just know The Spruce Moose is here for a good time. The lyrics are catchy and creative heighten the overall fun/ feel-good vibe this tune brings. A song that is sure to be blasted on road trips.

“In Sandwich Diaboli” begins as a soft rock piece before transitioning into a wild metal ride. Back with the impressive guitar riffs and powerful vocals, The Spruce Moose gives listeners metal in its purest form. Pulling out all the stops to have everyone headbanging and moshing along.

“NU.S.S.R” is another heavy metal tune, really playing off of influence from Rush (if Rush went metal). Playing with the vocal aspects, in regards to intensity really gives this tune a new dynamic – almost as if “Tom Sawyer” was metal. Really outstandingly done. The various aspects blend together almost seamlessly. The different stages of this song tell a story. Very impressive.

“Shudder Before the Mossiful” is quite the eclectic tune. Starting off the six-minute tune with wicked guitar riffs, it transitions from a psychedelic realm to a more rock ‘n’ roll world. With opera-esque vocals, the tune has a grungy/ haunting tone to it. Something very different for The Spruce Moose, while still being executed immaculately.

Overall, The Spruce Moose gives listeners a spin on power metal. From telling stories through their tunes to transitioning tunes through various genres, this group from Edmonton knocks our socks off. Be sure to check out The Moose Is Loose and keep up with the talents of The Spruce Moose for more epic tunes, and overall good times.

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