Interview & Performance with Ashley Woodruff

Ashley Woodruff is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Sudbury, Ontario. Her passion began at an early age. Developing her voice through singing lessons from age 11, which included classical training, she also gained experience while performing through recitals, school talent shows and competitions in the Kiwanis Music Festival.

In November 2017, Woodruff released her self-titled debut album with all original tunes. Supporting the release, she has been performing at various venues around the Greater Sudbury Area to positive response.

Here, we chat with Woodruff, and her Producer/Musical Accompanist, Rob Murphy, about the making of the album, her writing process and more.

Woodruff’s first single from the album is “Where Did The Time Go?”, which she and Rob Murphy kindly performed for us.

Check out the Album Review by Melissa Wiseman.

Connect with Ashley Woodruff:

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