Review – The Perms

Album: Miracle
Release Date: December 19, 2017
Genre: Indie-Rock

This little trio is based out of Brandon MB.  Not too many people know this city, but a little fact is about to be thrown at you.  This is now the home of one of my dear friends that I keep close to my heart, Trevor Hurst (Econoline Crush frontman).

The Perms are TIGHT!  They have the style and sound locked down.  The consistency of their sound through each track shows a well-developed action plan when writing, tracking and polishing each song for this album.  Kudos to the band and the production team!

Each track has a resemblance to good solid rock songs.  Listening to the tracks “Julie”, “Think Less”, “Wanted You to Know”, and “Now November”, I kept thinking, “what does this remind me of?” but then I came to the conclusion it’s not really “who do they remind me of?”, but more along the lines of “This is a damn good song!”

“Be Alright” and “Turnaround” for some reason makes me think immediately of Oasis.  I LOVE these songs!   The vocals of the Smith Brothers really do compliment the music.

“Lose Yourself” and “Busy Izzy” are just laid back rockin’ songs. You can sit back thoroughly enjoy each of these songs.

The album ends with “Gone”, which is a good choice for a closing track, an acoustic song (with a little electric near the end) finishes the album perfectly.

The album in whole is well rounded.  Good songwriting, and it is really well put together musically.  This is a great album to pick up for your indie collection.

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