Review – The Northern Coast

Album: Revelry
Release Date: February 17, 2017
Genre: Folk-Rock

The Northern Coast is a new five-piece folk-rock band from Calgary. First created by vocalist Arron Crook, the band now also contains Hunter Hansen and Erik Juergens on guitar, Erik Ermantrout on bass, and Connor Muth on drums. Do you think their practices ever get confusing with there being two Eriks?

Their debut EP Revelry was released February 17, 2017. The 6 track release opens with their first single, “Georgia Moon” (the quirky music video for the track can be found here). “Georgia Moon” features a dark guitar tone and strong backup vocal harmonies pieced together with a driving beat. It starts the EP off on a good, strong note.

The next track, “Trouble” is jam-packed with good musical ideas. I especially love the guitar solo after the second chorus, and only wish that the melody there had popped up somewhere else in the song. However, they did incorporate one of my favourite things, where the rest of the instruments drop out and the vocals lead the song back into the last chorus, so all else is forgiven.

Track three, “Fickle,” is definitely my favourite. The intro is strong and provides a good build up, before dropping down an octave to make room for the vocals. The vocals and guitars alternate with each other, and though the lyrics are angry (“you’re always around and I can brush you off,”) the back and forth gives this song a fun and playful vibe.

Revelry ends with “Animal,” a song advising the listener to “find yourself a pretty girl/and take each other home.”

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