Review – Landing On The Sun

Album: Paralysis Particle
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: Hard Edge Post Rock

From Vernon, B.C comes “alternative, hard-edged post-rock/ pop” band Landing On The Sun who released their EP Paralysis Particle in November. This five track EP is filled with eerie tunes, accompanied by female vocals and a sultry spin.

Kicking off the album is “Monstrous” – an eclectic tune, beginning spoken lyrics about society and branching out into a melodic chant of “monstrous”, all to a modern techno beat with hints of guitar riffs. Interesting in execution, it is a tune that is sure to have listeners wondering what else Landing On The Sun has to offer.

“Vandra” is a sultry tune, accompanied by the same melodic vocals, while sounding more rock and roll. The lyrics are intense and loaded, giving off a vibe of autumnal spookiness.

“Hold Me on Fire”, the third track off of Paralysis Particle is a tune that plays more into the instrumental aspect than vocals – with classic guitar riffs, and a steady drum track. Again, feeling very autumnal – this track would be perfect for any Halloween-y occasion.

Overall, Landing On The Sun gives listeners an EP full of autumnal vibes with a spin – vocally, eclectic and stylistically intriguing.

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