Review – Dine Alone Winter Sampler

Album: Dine Alone Winter Sampler
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Assorted Genres


Every year, Dine Alone Records releases a Winter Sampler album, featuring bands on their label. This year is the same, releasing 27 songs for free off of their website. Some bands caught my eye as they are bands I enjoy already like Dashboard Confessional, Seaway & Yukon Blonde, while others are still up and coming.

For my review, I’m going to give quick reviews of some of the songs I enjoyed on the album. I encourage you to check it out yourself and maybe you’ll find a new favourite band. Plus, its free so why not?

Yukon Blonde – “Emotional Blackmail”: Yukon Blonde can’t make a bad song in my opinion. Very mellow catchy song for anyone who enjoys good music.

Dashboard Confessional – “We Fight”: The fact that Dashboard Confessional are making music in 2017-2018 is amazing. One of the many bands I loved in my teenage years are back and making great music. Great return song for these guys.

Seaway – “Lula on the Beach”: Very catchy pop-punk song. I think this song will make anyone want more of Seaway and I think was a great choice for Dine Alone to put this song on the sampler.

Matt Cameron – “Time Can’t Wait”: As a big fan of The Black Keys, this song reminded me of them so much. This guy has real talent so I’m going to be looking more into him into the new year.

INVSN – “Deconstruct Hits”: This one is a very different song. It shows that Dine Alone has a big variety of musicians on their label as this band is nothing like anyone else on this album so far. I was surprised by it in a good way.

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs – “Tough”: I’ve heard this song before so it was great to put a band to the song. This song is very rock & roll. I can hear it being played on classic rock stations all around and older folks not knowing it’s new. My dad would love this.

The Flatliners – “Human Party Trick”: The Flatliners seem like a band I’d see at a local pub, which would garner a huge crowd. “Human Party Trick” would play and everyone would dance and sing and have a great time.

The New Pornographers – “Play Money”: Another band I recognize but don’t listen to. Fans of this band are gonna be overjoyed that they are on this. I found the song enjoyable but nothing really amazing. I can see why people like it but it didn’t catch me. Sorry fans of TNP.

Luke Sital-Singh – “Killing Me (Live at the Union Chapel)”: Man, I bet seeing this live would send chills up anyone’s spines. It’s such a real song that anyone can relate to and hearing it in an intimate setting like that would be bone-chilling in the best way.

Wild Child – “Think It Over”: Was not expecting this at the end of the sampler. It has such a radio catchy beat and lyrics that I could see this playing on mainstream radio by the beginning of next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

This sampler is an excellent way to discover new music and listen to some of your already favourite bands. Dine Alone killed it again this year profiling some of the best new, established and up-and-coming bands/artists coming around in the new year. This album is a must have and it’s free so that’s even better.

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