Review – Ché Aimee Dorval

Album: Between The Walls and The Window
Release Date: December 8, 2017
Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Ché Aimee Dorval’s 2nd full-length album Between The Walls and The Window is a sonically cohesive journey through the singer-songwriter’s musical landscape. Recorded in Vancouver, the album is musically passionate and introspective, with a polished and well-executed production.

The album opens with “Afraid,” a power ballad with strong instrumentation that builds its way into showcasing Ché’s powerful upper range. Following this is “Buried,” a mellow and meandering song with well-thought-out backing vocals. Another notable moment is in “Holding In” where Ché asks in a pained voice “When will I see you smile again? When will I hear you laughing?” 

All in all the standout song from this album for me is “Art Of Dying.” Ché dances in and out of her falsetto range over a slow and steady rhythm section. It’s a melancholy and aching track, with a beautiful lyric, including: “I wondered if there should be no question/In my position and who I have become/With his precision, I am undone.”

The record closes with “I Know I Know (a Broken Heart),” a song in which Ché echoes each lyric so the track sounds as a sort of duet with herself. It wraps up the album nicely, establishing Ché’s talent all the way to the last note.

Overall, Ché’s album is filled with strong musical ideas, haunting vocals, and powerful lyrics.

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