Review – Neon Dreams

Album: Acoustic Sessions EP
Release Date – December 8, 2017
Genre: Acoustic

Track List:
Love Experts
Machu Picchu
Marching Bands

Neon Dreams once again have proven why they are getting such international attention with their style and musical prowess.

Acoustic Sessions is a bare bones, stripped down performance of five tracks.  Even though they are strictly acoustic, they are perfect in their simplicity.  The vocals, percussion and guitars are in perfect sync and harmony with each song.

Expect to see more from these fantastic and down to earth guys as they embark on their first US tour in January and then open for Hedley for their Cageless tour.

I have seen both Hedley and Neon Dreams live… this will be a must see tour!  If you have not listened or purchased this little acoustic EP – you really should. The fun energy and laid back vibe of all the songs is just so fun and just… amazing.

Just a great bunch of guys, a great bunch of songs, and a great acoustic EP to wind down to.

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