Review – Luckystickz

Album: Every Day Battle EP
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Genre: Rhythm/Roots

Dejehan Hamilton, better known as Luckystickz has been playing music since he was 8 years old. Getting his first drumset at that age, every day he improved and learned new music skills and styles. Along the way, Luckystickz opened new doors to motivational speaking, which has been featured on CBC & the Hamilton Spectator and has performed in multiple countries like Canada, USA and even Trinidad & Tobago.

I recently had a chance to listen to his newest release Every Day Battle, a 5 song EP that mixes his classic steel drum style to the upbeat modern radio tunes you hear today.  Every single song on this EP is something you could hear on the modern pop radio stations, especially “Magic”. The opening has a beautiful steel drum intro and gently leads into the catchy pop sound you hear today. The lyrics are memorable and easy to sing along to.

Then we have “No Justice”, where he shows he has no fear to sing about whatever he feels like since this song is exactly about the title. He describes how simple crimes can be committed and how the incorrect punishments are handed out. He sings like it has happened to him firsthand so it sounds more and more powerful each time you listen to it.

“Tune In” is a very mellow, relaxing song that gives you the motivation to do anything. He tells you to listen to your heart but follow your mind, a simple but important message that everyone should follow. “Forever” is a great closing track, the piano is beautifully mixed with his pure vocals and lyrics. The mix really makes it an amazing song and the perfect end to a great EP.

If this is any indication of what’s to come from Luckystickz, I’m extremely excited to see where the years lead him. His genuine lyrics mixed with the traditional yet modern sounds make him a musician to be watched in the coming years.

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