Review – Highland Eyeway

Album: Highland Eyeway
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Vancouver’s own Highland Eyeway released their first full-length album, Highland Eyeway back in November. The foursome blends together bluesy-rock with twang, throwing in some reverb and kick ass vocals to create a completely encapsulating experience for listeners. Ranging from mellow tunes to those with a darker, drearier vibe – Highland Eyeway comes full circle, giving anyone who listens a taste of what they want to hear.

“Synesthetic” is the first tune on the album – and it sets the tone for what is to come. Picking up pace quickly, this song takes listeners to an intrinsic blues rock realm. Weary (and impactful) vocals blend ever so flawlessly with the psychedelic beat to create an atmosphere of serenity. Everything about this tune says “sit back and relax” – while being completely out of the ordinary. A solid tune, sure to have everyone wanting more.

“Dark Waters” is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” – the psychedelic vibe is pulled into a dark aura by the deep-set vocals and heavy beat. Painting the beautiful image of despair, Highland Eye captures listeners and draws them in.

“Snowglobe” is something different than what has come to be expected… while remaining in the style of Highland Eyeway, this tune travels into more of a creepy realm. Rather than focusing on heaviness, “Snowglobe” is mysteriously haunting. The peppier than usual guitar is contrasted by the ghostly vocals and pounding drums. It really is something else – and shows exactly what Highland Eyeway brings to the table – different.

“Olive” is, to put it simply, lovely. This tune shows off another side of Highland Eyeway – feeling almost romantic. The softness of the vocals combined with the airiness of the beat makes it almost impossible to turn away from. Crafting a ten-minute song cannot be easy – and “Olive” is one that listeners will surely never want to end. Easy to listen to, the tune is artfully crafted.

Wrapping up the album is “Tomorrow”. Accompanied by rain showers and softly blended notes, it is hypnotic. Listeners will be swaying along, at peace, while the soothing qualities of the tune take over. The instrumental tune gives a well-rounded end to an incredibly composed album.

Highland Eyeway takes listeners on a journey with the self-titled album. The combination and execution of it, in its entirety, is perfection. Leaving no stone unturned, this incredibly talented foursome give listeners a new spin on bluesy-rock, sure to leave them speechless and coming back for more.

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