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Photo Credit: Joe Lipstein

Cat Clyde is the artist that everyone needs right now. On her debut album, Ivory Castanets, Cat manages to cover everything from country to jazz, folk to rock and even fit in her own flavour you can’t possibly label. She also manages to take you out of the hectic nature of 2017 and transport you back to simpler decades. Who can’t use a beautiful escape every now & then?

I first want to touch on the fact that you had the chance to open for, among a few other greats, Rodriguez (Searching For Sugarman)! How did that come about?

Yes! It was so amazing. I’m not actually 100% sure how it happened, I was driving in my car and I got the call asking if I would want to open up for him, and obviously, I was super down. Doing the shows with him was a really incredible experience for me. He and his band put on a really amazing show,  and his whole team is just really incredibly inspiring people. I feel so lucky and grateful to have had that opportunity.

Currently out on your first headlining tour, what’s something you hope to leave with the audience at the end of every show?

Something I would hope to leave the audience with at the end of every show is maybe just a sense of awareness and connection. I really like to put my whole self into each song I play and I like to think people can feel that.

You manage to tackle multiple genres on Ivory Castanets; sometimes more than one at a time. What were you most drawn to listening to growing up?

Growing up, I really didn’t have any great music influences, but when I got into my early teens, I found some old delta blues artists like Ledbelly and Robert Johnson and that lead me on a pretty amazing path to finding all the music that I still love and that influences me today.

The video for “Mama Said” is so beautiful, so nature-esque, and has over 1.2 million views on YouTube! What was your favourite part of creating that?

My favourite part of creating that would probably be the location. I spent a lot of time there as a kid, and into my teens and it was always a special place for me. I wish I could live there.

Talk about making waves with streaming, too! You’ve been added to added to 105,000 Spotify playlists, reaching over 340,000 monthly listeners on Spotify! What do you think it is about your music that keeps people coming back to listen again?

I’m not sure really. I suppose the reason why I keep coming back to certain music is mostly because I feel as though I can relate to it on a deeper level.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is my new record. I’m very excited to get into the studio and to start recording. I honestly can’t wait to complete it and share it with everyone.

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