Ben Stevenson releases video for “Yellow Bird”

Ben Stevenson has released a video for his new single, “Yellow Bird”, from his album, Cara Cara which is out now via Culvert Music. Ben has shared some thoughts on the video,

“This video is a collection of images and scenes from travels, life, friends, etc. that loosely tells the story of the last couple years, basically the time during which the album was made. It’s a collage meant to evoke feelings of freedom, movement and peace, the thought behind the song as well. The 8mm film lends an instant feeling of nostalgia to it, and the lack of chronology feels like a wash of memories. From the great wall of China to the Mojave Desert to the Canadian prairies, it’s basically a love letter to the world and an expression of gratitude for the experiences I’ve had and the opportunities to see the world through music. Hope you enjoy!”

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