Canadian Beats Passport – Thrice

Who: Thrice
When: Wednesday, Nov 30th, 2017
Where: Rebel, Toronto ON

The last time I ever saw Thrice perform was in 2005 alongside Circa Survive and My Chemical Romance (what a throwback right?). They came out with amazing new music since their first album Identity Crisis back in 2000. They blasted a moderately sized crowd at Rebel on Wednesday, playing familiar songs such as “Firebreather and an ultimate classic “Artist in the Ambulance, everyone sang their little emo hearts out at that one, and I was right there with them.

Along with some of their older more energetic songs, Thrice definitely knows how to chill a crowd out, with their stunning lighting cues, they took the audience on a calming journey while playing “Open Water”. Their 1 hour and 20 min set ended with a familiar chanting song “The Long Defeat“.

I truly love how a band can go from hard rock tunes to a melodic sound in a set. This band has come so far artistically from the time I was in high school. They’re a band who can take you on a journey of emotions from their earlier stuff to most recent. Definitely worth the watch!

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