Review – Mattie Leon

Album: Signal Hill
Release Date: November 2, 2017
Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Toronto singer-songwriter Mattie Leon released Signal Hill earlier in November. The record is full of lighthearted tunes and catchy lyrics. Giving listeners a warm feeling as Leon’s angelic vocals intertwine with the soft and breezy tones of guitar and drums. Beautifully composed with heartfelt lyrics, Leon shines.

“Sister Simone” kicks off the album with an upbeat tune and a country twang. While toe-tapping along, listeners are sure to feel the sincerity and emotion behind it – lyrics, while dynamic in thought, easily get stuck in your head. A strong tune to start an even stronger album.

“Boy”, while still drawing on the country twang, has a much more raw feeling. The emotion behind this tune really breaks through, giving us a window into the story of Leon’s life. Delicate and artfully crafted, Leon had produced a tune sure to pull at listener’s heartstrings.

“Signal Hill” strays away from country twang and brings listeners to more of an indie realm. Beginning with a soft beat, and carrying on with faint, echoing vocals, this tune shows us a different side of Leon… one we are sure to find equally as enchanting. A quiet song of triumph and passion, “Signal Hill” gives audiences a sense of empowerment.

“Bowery” mixes the country twang with the indie vibes. Deeper tones to the tune, with light airy vocals really make this tune stand out amongst the rest. “Bowery” is beautifully written and executed, fitting the talents of Leon to a tee.

Check out the video for “Bowery” here.

Signal Hill is an album sure to have listeners hooked from the first note to the last. Full of emotion and passion, Mattie Leon is onto something brilliant.

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