Review – Danielle Dayton

Album: Run
Release Date: November 25, 2017
Genre: Alt-Rock/Soul/Blues

Edmonton blues singer, Danielle Dayton, dropped her EP today, called Run. She’s been writing music since the age of 14. Her songs have a strong female empowerment. She wrote the title track based on a woman she met on the street. It sparked the idea for the rest of the EP.

As a woman, I was immediately intrigued into hearing how she wrote about women’s struggles and yet make it sound empowering. I have to say from the first impression, and beyond, she nailed it. I love that her songs are about standing your ground and not giving in, making yourself feel strong in situations where everyone would be telling you to give up.

Beyond the lyrics, the strength of her vocal capability and range doesn’t quiver. It shows Danielle’s strength from the inside-out. She has a low enough voice that it fits the smooth, almost requirement, of a soul-like genre, but powerful enough to allow her to stand out.

The rhythmic guitar is the final ingredient that pulls at your attention and reels you in. Once it has, you can’t stop but get excited about the next song. I was actually sad when the EP ended as I wanted to hear more. Normally, I’m able to pick out a favourite song from an album, but I love everything about each of the songs. I immediately pictured myself in a nice bar where everyone is focused on the stage and the dim lights setting the mood. I actually hope she comes out my way because I would definitely go see her, just to fill that illusion.

As if my raving review wasn’t enough, I can easily say that I have a high recommendation for this EP. I cannot wait to see what is next for Danielle because I can see her going places.

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