Review – Courtney Dubois

Album: Geode
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: Indie-Folk

Courtney Dubois releases her first solo EP Geode today.  Geode is a 5 song Indie-Folk EP, full of gems. It is clear from beginning to end that Courtney has a lovely voice and strong guitar skills.

The EP opens with “All In One Day,” a strong song laden with backing harmonies and an easy, effortless melody. By the time a shaker has entered the track, Courtney has me hooked.

Favourite lyric: “Tell me honestly is this what you wanted/To tie your weakness to a song so you can flaunt it/And everything that I’ve done wrong will be broadcasted on the radio.” 

The next song, “Barbara” has an aura of relaxed familiarity, coupled with heart-wrenching lyrics. It’s a slow track, that feels like sharing late night secrets around a fire under the stars.

Favourite lyric: “I never wanna see you cry/Like I did the day your cousin died.”

The third track is called “Chasing Deer.” It showcases Courtney’s strong guitar skills, opening with a strong pattern that fits perfectly under the vocals. The track cuts out for a second, building tension before the percussion begins. The instrumentation here is simple but sounds full and effective.

Favourite lyric: “But does she know how to cry? ‘Cause there’s a fog in her eyes.”

“Solitary Song” is filled with strong lyrical choices and a few higher notes in the vocals. The word “confused” around the one and a half minute mark showcases Courtney’s lovely upper range.

Favourite lyric: “Cause you were holding my hand, you were holding my will/To impress you and inject you into my verses until/I’ve perfected the craft.”

The final song on the EP, “Your Name” showcases more strong backing harmonies and ends Geode on a high note.

Favourite lyric: “I hear your name in all kinds of places/In song, in churches, in conversation.”

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of Geode today!

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