Review – Be Astronaut

EP: Odd Man Rush
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: Rock

Today, Montreal based band, Be Astronaut are releasing their new EP,  Odd Man Rush.

The band was originally founded in October 2009 and continues to release fun and entertaining albums. Odd Man Rush is no exception, their single “Saturday Is Alright” was actually used for a Montreal Canadians ad. Bringing a jazz-rock feel similar to Arctic Monkeys meets Incubus meets Metric. The single will have you not only bopping to the rhythm and to the good vibrations, but it certainly won’t let you forget that “Saturday is Alright”.

“Corsica” kicks off with a bit of a faster pace than the previous single. The vocals differ and show the various ranges that the band is not afraid to hit. Similar to the single, this track definitely will pull you in, with its grooving guitars, melodic vocals and lyricism. This track is fun with a capital F.

“No City Lights” once again differs from the two previous tracks and focuses on its drums and guitar balance right from the start. Unlike “Corsica” this one brings forth a dark and eerie feeling. Almost an underground bar band feeling with its lower tuned guitars.

“The Ground” brings more of the previously stated eerie feeling to the album. Not only instrumentally but lyrically,  bringing in phrases such as “I think I changed over the years …. took off the chains”. Bringing in an “emotional” style similar to Breaking Benjamin, I personally found it the catchiest track on the EP. As well as the track that made me want to go and repeat the album numerous times. Especially with the lyrics “release the hounds on me”, as it made me think there is more to this album in a story sense.

Though the EP is super short, it packs a very emotional punch, so be sure to check out the rest of the album and grab a copy for yourself!

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