Review – Alex St. Kitts

EP: The Projektor II
Genre: Alternative\Soul
Release Date: November 24, 2017

Toronto, ON-based artist Alex St. Kitts has just released the first part of a two-part EP, with the parts coming together in a full length in 2018. St. Kitts is no stranger to the music business, having spent his career thus far as a freelance bassist, playing with heavy hitters like Ed Sheeran, Francesco Yates, SATE, to name a few. After travelling the world and playing an impressive list of infamous stages, the time has come for Alex to take the stage front and centre, showing the world that he more than deserves the spotlight. The Projektor II is a 7 track release of songs that will make you think, feel and even dance.

“I’m really excited about these upcoming EP’s- It’s my first real step out of the shadows of being a side person and becoming an artist. It’s an opportunity to tell the stories I want to tell and reach out to people. If you start dancing along to these songs that’s awesome too!!”

The Projektor II opens with a track entitled “Don’t Say Love”. Right away you can recognize the soulful powerhouse vocals that will have you wondering what took St.Kitts so long to get behind the mic. There is no doubt that he has the ability to stand out as a solo artist. Behind the incredible vocal range is songwriting that is complete with tangible emotion. Good songwriting means great storytelling, which is another aspect that St.Kitts has no problem at all putting forth in his songs. The next track is the lead single, released previously this summer, “Fake Castles”. The track is bass driven, but definitely leaves room for the other instruments to shine through. This is also one of those tracks that will make you want to get out of your seat and dance. Alex has said this song is about “forgetting what other people tell you” and simply just getting out and “do what makes you happy”. The influence of old-school soul is very apparent on this release, but never leaves behind the innovation of modern music and pop sounds. My personal favourite on the EP was the second last track called “Sweet Surrender”. This is a beautifully written long song that you will want on repeat. The album closes with the unstoppable track called “Love Shines”, the placement of this song is brilliant, it leaves you happy, dancing and most importantly very much impatiently awaiting the release of the second part of The Projektor. When we recently asked Alex what he wanted listeners to walk away with after giving this album a listen, he stated:

“I hope that listeners connect with the stories in these songs and take the time to try thinking about what it’s like through another’s eyes and empathize with what they might be going through”

The Projektor II is quite literally a seven-track listing of reasons why Alex St.Kitts will own the spotlight as a solo artist. When I listened to it in full I had a hard time picking songs to focus on for this review, because every track deserves to be talked about. Alex is a pure example of everything that’s great in the Canadian music scene. His storytelling songwriting and unstoppable diverse talent, transcends anything else out there right now. Don’t forget to give The Projektor a listen on November, 24th to see for yourself what all the fuss is about. There is also talk about St.Kitts taking these songs out on the road so keep an eye on your local live music listings.

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