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Exco Levi has been called Toronto’s “Reggae King” and for good reason(s). He’s got the slick beats, classic yet unique melodies, lyrics as honest as they come and the heartbeat tying it all together. In other words, his original music will have you listening again and again…and again.

Your music is exactly what we need heading into the longest (and coldest) months of the year. How did you best cope with the changes moving from Jamaica to Canada?

Looking at opportunities this country presented even in the winter. In My moment on my new album NARRATIVE, ‘stay positive ‘

Your father was also involved in music as an artist and sound system selector. Was this a major factor in your passion for creating music? Is it something you hope to pass along to your own daughter?

Music is definitely in the bloodline and I am thankful for that. Still, I’m glad he wasn’t a carpenter. Lol. I was playing piano in church in my teens and preferred the live music side on the business. Wrote my first lyrics at 16.

I want my 2 daughters and son will choose careers they love.

You’re currently promoting your 2ndalbum Narrative; what would you say is the biggest difference between this and your debut release (2015’s Country Man)?

Country Man was basically about growing up in Jamaica and experiences on the land of reggae. Growing up in the hills of Manchester and having to adjust the inner city as I moved into Kingston to touch the music industry.

NARRATIVE is a more global storytelling experience.

“My moment”, for example, is universal in reach, endless possibilities exist wherever you are on this planet. No matter what the circumstances.

“Wiseman” is a serious statement atop a more accessible reggae rhythm – a broader spread of the instruments around the drum and bass. The message is easier to digest.

It needs to be known that you hold the best winning percentage in JUNO Awards winning five awards out of your six nominations! What do you think it is about the music you’re creating that’s making people sit up and notice time & time again?


You’ve had the chance to perform in countless places including, but not limited to, Europe, the US, Zimbabwe, Malawi, your home country of Jamaica and many of Canada’s major reggae festivals. What’s your favourite part of touring?

Meeting different people in various countries with various languages and watching people enjoy reggae music.

What’s next for you?

Endless possibilities. Promoting NARRATIVE and optimizing my 5 JUNOS. Making more headway across Canada in venues and on the airwaves – 2018 – expanding the Exco Levi footprint globally.

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