Interview – Warren Dean Flandez

Photo Credit: Tracy Moromisato

Sure, we can describe Warren Dean Flandez‘s sound as “gospel-inspired R&B Soul & Pop” and, that would be accurate! His passion for music, belief in something bigger than us all and dedication to his craft, though? Those are things that need to be heard again & again.

I started my listening with your 2nd album, Eternally Grateful. From the first note brought the first thought “What YEAR is it?!” with such an appreciation for the old-school throwbacks. Where did this vibe come from?

Hahaha, thank you! I’ve always been obsessed with the great soul legends, and that is what was always playing at home growing up. These classics stuck with me and definitely influence the music I create today.

Congrats on your 3rd album, Speak, debuting at #1 on the iTunes Inspirational charts and #20 on the overall top 100! What emotions went through you when you got the news?

It was completely unexpected! I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. When you pour your heart and soul into something, it is always terrifying to share it with the world. After the album dropped, I was greeted with so many supportive messages and well wishes. I am still blown away and so thankful.

Included on that album is your newest single “Born For Greatness” featuring Riverdale‘s KJ Apa (Archie). What brought you two together for the collaboration?

My production partner, Jamie Kuse, records for the show Riverdale. He knows KJ and invited him to one of our recording sessions.  KJ came by and threw down the most amazing guitar solo and the rest was history.  Super nice guy and incredibly talented!

The new album definitely keeps the funky grooves of the previous release going, but also the beautiful dedication to your belief and faith in a higher power. Has that been something that’s inspired your music from day one?

Absolutely, this record was created for anyone with a heartbeat. My journey and my belief in not just a higher power, but also in humanity is what has always inspired me. I believe we can all make a difference no matter how helpless we can feel sometimes. This is all about creating music with purpose that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bravo on your “Born For Greatness” Initiative! For those unfamiliar, this was created to encourage people to reach their maximum potential and inspire from within; funded by the donation of all of the proceeds from that brand new single. Was there anything in particular that inspired you to get this going?

The Born for Greatness Initiative is a movement, it’s a call to action to look within and realize that each of us have the power to make a difference. I think we are constantly subjected to outside influences that make us question who we are, our self worth, and whether or not we belong.  This movement encourages everyone to stand up and speak out about what they’ve gone through and what they did to overcome.

You’re no stranger to being recognized at the biggest Canadian music award shows (JUNO nominee, winner of GMA Covenant Awards and Western Canadian Music Awards). Who are some of the main people you’re sure to thank in every speech? Do you have a special place that you keep your awards?

First and foremost I thank God for making this all possible.  I thank Jamie my amazing producer and friend, my incredible collaborators Karolyn Haze, Adam Stanton and Jonny Tobin.  All the people that believed in me, my parents and of course, my amazing wife, Kat and our precious son, Noble. Well, I can’t keep my awards at home because Noble is still young and might get to them, haha! So my parents keep them safe at their place for me.

What’s next for you?

So many exciting things! I’ll be touring the record as well as gearing up for the worldwide release of the album. I have a few music videos in the works and a few top secret projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

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