Who: Men I Trust, Aliocha, Geoffroy
When: November 15th, 2017
Where: La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC

On Wednesday night, many Montrealers found their way to La Sala Rossa, for the sold-out opening night of M for Montreal.

Men I Trust started the show, with smooth yet upbeat tunes that had the crowd dancing. Lead singer Emma Bernache gave an upbeat and generous performance, leaving the audience wanting more after their short set.

Next came Aliocha. The actor-turned-singer kicked off the set by telling the crowd that the band’s first ever show was a year ago, here at M for Montreal. The songs performed gave the audience a glimpse of the amazing year the band had.

After a few minutes of the stage being set up behind a mysterious velvet curtain, Geoffroy took the stage. A few notes in, one could quickly see who the majority of the audience came out for. Geoffroy’s electropop beats had people cheering, dancing, and truly enjoying themselves.

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