Dean Brody spills about new single, “8th Day” and National Country Girls Day

Canadian country artist, Dean Brody is no doubt a name you recognize, with hits such as “Canadian Girls”, “Bringing Down The House”, and “Time”, he is certainly a household name. Now, with his newest release, “8th Day”, he celebrates country girls, dubbing November 8th as National Country Girls Day. We had the chance to ask Dean a few questions about the single, as well as National Country Girls Day!

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First off, congratulations on the new single release, “8thDay”, can you tell us a bit about the creation process for the track?

We thought it would be cool to have a slide guitar underneath this song. It’s the coolest sound. Then let the other musicians do their thing. It turned out pretty cool.

Beautiful Freakshow is filled with great songs, what made you choose “8th Day” as the next single?

A lot of my audience is country girls. It’s a fun song and it celebrates them, kind of like Canadian Girls does.

November 8th will be known as National Country Girls Day, how was this idea created? It’s such a fun way to celebrate your single release.

There’s a day for everything, I saw that there’s a national talk like a  pirate day! So, country girls ought to have a day too. Why not?

You tend to interact with your fans a lot via social media; do you find this is an important tool to be used as a musician in this day and age?

Definitely. It’s a great way to let our fans see into our lives. To see that we’re normal too. I think that’s why it’s so popular.

You will be taking off on an East Coast tour this month, what can someone who has yet to see you live expect from the shows?

We will be stripping it down, acoustic and story-telling. I’ll be giving some insight into how a lot of these tunes were written. So it won’t be a full-on wave of sound… it’ll be more like a kitchen party!

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Thank you guys for being along with me on this amazing journey. I love making music for you and having you to share it with. It’s the best feeling.

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