Review – Rory Taillon

Album: Only Whispers
Release Date: October 15, 2017
Genre: Indie Rock/ Pop

Ottawa based artist Rory Taillon has just released his beautifully illustrated and eagerly awaited new recording Only Whispers which is by far his most personal and vulnerable to date.

The 9 tracks were recorded this past summer and open with the dark, brooding track, “Smile”. A menacing electric overdriven guitar intro with matching vocals akin to Nick Cave, belting out “get over it and smile”; it’s a dramatic opener and sets the thematic tone for this ensemble piece. “Whispers” slows the tempo down and Taillon’s thought-provoking lyrics and softer tones come through to showcase his folk/rock roots.

Next track, “Strings” has been on heavy rotation on the Canadian Beats playlist, and it’s a haunting, melodic ukulele laden track that grows and sways as the violins wash in. Absolutely beautiful arrangement!

“Distract Me” showcases his versatility and provides the most theatrical track on the album. “I’m alright; at least that’s what I keep telling myself” he howls in Ben Caplan’esque territory, which is high recommendation indeed.

“A Reason” continues to tread the musical boards, and is the perfect accompaniment as it leads into the leaving-song, “With Grace” in what feels like an extremely personal journey at losing a loved one. It’s a road that Taillon feels comfortable travelling and he’s commented in the past “I like to only write about what I know, it’s more legit”

“Elegant” is a true testament to that authenticity and a reason that you have to see Rory Taillon live to witness first hand his soul-bearing stage performances.

Final track on the album “Gone” completes the journey with its the rolling rhythm and riff, replete with soft vocals and an unexpectedly sweet steel drum.

Dark content? yes… but somehow so uplifting. Taillon is a gifted individual to bring the listener along on this personal ride.

Catch these special shows as Taillon hits the road this Fall/Winter in support of this new release.

Nov. 2 – Block 3 Brewery, St. Jacobs ON
Nov. 3 – Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa ON
Nov. 5 – SpitFire Cafe, Brockville ON
Nov. 6 – Batstone’s Northern Ramble, Renfrew ON
Nov. 8 – The Foundry, Thunder Bay ON
Nov. 9 – From the Grind Up, Fort Frances ON
Nov. 10 – Half Pints Brewing Co., Winnipeg MB
Nov. 11 – Rebellion Brewing Co., Regina SK
Nov. 12 – Lucky Bastards Distillery, Saskatoon SK
Nov. 14 – Aria’s Bistro, Edmonton AB
Nov. 15 – Cold Garden Beverage Co., Calgary AB
Nov. 16 – The Royal, Nelson BC
Nov. 17 – Lorenzo’s Cafe, Enderby BC
Nov. 18 – Coast Mountain Brewing Co., Whistler BC
Nov. 19 – The Heatley, Vancouver BC
Nov. 22 – 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co., Saskatoon SK
Nov. 24 – Lakeshore Lounge, Keewatin ON
Nov. 28 – The Red Dog, Peterborough ON
Nov. 29 – The Painted Lady, Toronto ON
Dec. 1 – Sons of Kent Brewing Co., Chatham ON
Dec. 3 – The Second Wedge, Uxbridge ON
Jan. 17 – The Red Brick Cafe, Guelph ON
Jan. 18 – Silversmith Brewery, Niagara ON
Jan. 21 – The Second Wedge, Uxbridge

Recommended Taster Track: ‘Strings’

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