PREMIERE – Polina Grace releases video for “Down”

Photo Credit: Kai Boet

Montreal based singer-songwriter, Polina Grace has released her new EP entitled Down via SONY Music, and today we are happy to premiere the video for the title track. The action-packed video features Polina performing all her own stunts, and the message is clear; self-empowerment, fortitude and determination. On top of this, the lyrics wiggle their way into your brain and make camp, meaning you will be singing this track for quite some time after you hear it, and to me, that’s what makes a great single.

When we asked Polina about the EP, and single release, she responded,

“It’s all about empowering people — especially young women — to pursue their dreams and to ‘give up on giving up. It’s about not letting anyone drag them ‘down’ and to cast doubts and haters away by leaving them ‘in the shade.’”

As mentioned, Polina does all her own stunts, when we asked her about this part of the video, she explained,

“Once the concept was conceived, I began physically training, watching fight videos, and taking lessons at TriStar Gym in Montreal to learn proper kickboxing and MMA moves. My coach pushed me to my limit every training session and really instilled a sense of a “fighter” in me. The amount of time I had to train was only about two or three weeks prior, but I learned some of the fundamentals of the MMA craft which prepped me for the next phase — stunt training.” 

She next began training with Kevin Kelsall, who is an experienced stuntman in Montreal. Polina recalls on the experience,

“I only had two rehearsals with him, but he was an incredible choreographer. In the video where he throws me onto his shoulders and flips me onto the bed was not a simple move to do with the limited training I had. Kevin said his stuntmen friends were surprised he would do a move like that with “a singer,” 

Watch the video above, and be sure to check out the EP, as well.

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