Review – Jess Moskaluke

EP: Past The Past
Release Date: November 3, 2017
Genre: Country

Canadian country music’s sweetheart Jess Moskaluke has just dropped her latest EP entitled Past The Past. Jess has already cemented her spot in country music in every way possible. Not only does the girl have an amazing voice, and songs that always get you right where you need them to, but countless other accomplishments. Jess is acclaimed as the first Canadian female country artist to have a song in the top 5 since 2008 with her song “Drive Me Away”, which appears on the latest EP. Jess is also the first since Shania Twain to achieve Platinum single status, has 3 top 10 hits, multiple Juno nominations, winner of 2017 Juno for Country album of the year, 32 million views on YouTube, number 1 played song on Canadian country radio with “Take Me Home” in 2016, and top spun Canadian country female artist for the second year in a row. Need I say more? This girl is kicking ass and taking names right now!

Past The Past is that moving on, moving forward kind of album. It’s listens like a breakup album, but less tears and more motivation. It’s starts with one of my favourite songs of the year “Drive Me Away”, you can’t hear this song and not belt out every word and wish someone would drive you away, even just for a minute. Then comes “Camouflage”, the ultimate go out with the girls and forget track. Every girl needs a track like this. The current single off the EP is “Kill Your Love”. The track starts off with beautiful harmonies, and details the pain of a breakup, and wanting to kill the pain. It’s a unique take on the classic breakup song, catchy, and definitely one of my favourites. The EP closes out with the title track “Past the Past”, a powerful piano driven track, this is the absolute showcase of Jess’ incredible talent. This raw emotion, and undeniable vocals pull you right in. This track is the perfect close to this release, and completely leaves you wanting more.

We can’t wait to see what Jess does next, and I hope there’s a full length somewhere in the future. I highly recommend “Past the Past” to any country music fan. Jess’ is a force To be reckoned with. She will absolutely take over the Canadian country music scene that’s a fact.

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