Review – Hello Moth

EP: Nebula Songs
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Genre: Indie/ Electronic

Coming to us from Calgary, Hello Moth has released a three-song EP titled Nebula Songs – loaded with complexity and wicked beats. The combination of electronic beats with the sultry vocals, and thoughtful lyrics bring a new light to the world of indie music – there is such innovation and creativity behind the work of Hello Moth, so much so as to almost creating a new style.

“Waited For Another” is the perfect example of the innovative elements of Hello Moth – the futuristic beat combined with the “classic” indie tones behind the vocals takes listeners to another world. Lyrically speaking, “Waited For Another” has depth and charisma. A sense of longing and desire is prevalent but when presented in such a “never before heard” way, it really pulls listeners in for more.

“Falling” – is full of energy, all while being such a peaceful piece­­­. An un-combatted presence of complexity combined with such a carefree feeling – listeners will feel like they could float away. The combination of otherworldly sounds, like beeps and blips, brings “Falling” to another level. The song is the polar opposite of itself; which creates such a dynamic and unique experience.

“Take This Away (Nebula Version)” brings a pop vibe to Hello Moth’s indie meets electronic world. Catchy as can be, the beat is a little less otherworldly, while still being out of this world – and when combined with the fun, funky lyrics, this tune is sure to have listeners bopping along.

Nebula Songs is the perfect gateway to discovering more of Hello Moth; giving a little bit of everything, while still leaving more to be discovered. Hello Moth is such an innovative artist, who brings listeners to another world with his music – sure to influence many, and hook even more.

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