Review – The Barr Brothers

Album: Queens of the Breakers
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Genre: Roots/Rock

Montreal-based quartet The Barr Brothers are rocking airwaves this autumn with their newest release, Queens of the Breakers. A diverse, toe-tapping, semi-autobiographical romp, the eleven-track collection is an unapologetically emotional and mesmerizingly crafted slice of genre-bending fun.

Opening track “Defibrillation (feat. Lucius)” is a rumbling, slow-swaying foray into the album, an ever-building climb towards the chorus accented by husky vocals. Set to a background of deeply personal and well-detailed songwriting, “Defibrillation (feat. Lucius)” strikes an intensely wistful chord in listeners, its blend of percussion and toe-tapping downbeats melting together into an irresistibly compelling track. This atmospheric and intimate vibe is only enhanced in songs such as late-track “Hideous Glorious”, which, despite its near-jaunty overtones, still compels listeners to identify and become acutely invested in the stories these songs are spinning.

The result is a deeply individual, thoughtful, brilliantly crafted collection—one that should absolutely find a spot on your playlist this Fall.

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