Review – Annie Sumi

Album: In The Unknown
Release Date: October 10, 2017
Genre: Folk

Singer-songwriter Annie Sumi has released her highly-anticipated Sophomore album, In The Unknown. A whimsical, fairy-like foray into contemporary folk—blending Pantheism ideals with her own deeply unique sound—In The Unknown is a fourteen-track masterpiece that is sure to bewilder and delight in equal measures.

Opening track “In Everything” is a deeply melodic clarion call to nature itself, Sumi’s desire to connect environmentalism with music resounding clearly without weighing the sound itself down with heavy-handedness. A tapestry of rich instrumentalism, enchanting songwriting, and clandestine vocals, “In Everything” is a delicately beautiful introduction to Sumi’s collection, and sets the atmosphere with sparsity and grace. Late album track “Peter Pan” only builds on this, layering the complexity and imagination of Sumi’s songwriting in with strings, piano, and a dusting of percussion.

Dreamlike, beguiling, and adroit, In The Unknown is a refreshing take on a close-to-home topic.

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