Caveboy release lyric video for “New Touch”

Montreal’s Caveboy performed in Toronto on October 26 as part of the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class Showcase, where they gave a sneak preview to their brand new track, “New Touch”. They have now released an 80’s inspired lyric video for the track.

The band shared this about the track,

New Touch” is one of our favourite new songs. We remember getting really excited while writing this one; it felt like we were onto something really special, bridging the gap between alternative and synth-pop. We centered everything around this dark overdrive side-chain bass line, and the simple hooky drum beat followed pretty organically after that. As for the chorus, the line ‘How far should we go?’ just kind of came out, and it stuck. It’s about that fear and excitement of the unknown. The unanswerable questions about the future really pushed the melodies of this song.”

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