Review – Wares

Album: Wares
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock

Wares released their self-titled album Wares on October 6th, 2017. The album consists of nine sweet sultry tunes, sure to have anyone listening. Each song brings something new, to create a smooth, sexy album, sure to leave you wanting more.

Kicking off the album is “City Kids” – a clear indication of the effortless talent Cassia Hardy, a.k.a Wares possesses. No other word can describe this tune except for poetic. Lyrically, enchanting and composition wise hauntingly memorable. Each and every note is delivered with such conviction, listeners can feel the emotion behind the soft spokenness of it all. The faint but impactful drums and guitar are the perfect accompaniment to the calming vibe of “City Kids”.

Next up is “What You Want”, a more rock n’ roll kind of tune, less subtle and smooth and more jagged and electric – this style of spoken lyrics combined with a heavier rock set up really compliments the vocal talents of Wares. The electricity of it all is undeniably fun and fresh – a different, equally as talented side of Wares is shown off in “What You Want” and it will leave listeners in awe of this dynamic artist.

“Sleepwalker” brings us back to the sultry side of it all – giving off vibes similar to those of Alvvays, but with a spin. Again, being lyrically and vocally strong, the song builds up to a climax – before slowing lowering you back down to the ever so sweetly poetic side of Wares. The rollercoaster of emotion behind this tune is what makes it stand out – this isn’t just an ordinary alt-rock tune, “Sleepwalker” is an experience.

In “Mission Hill”, Wares combines the poetic side of things with a hint of rock n’ roll – giving us the best of both worlds. This time giving us a balance of vocals and composition, “Mission Hill” is a feel good, do good type of tune.

“Keeping Me Awake” keeps with the same combination of styles, which just goes to show how truly versatile Wares really is. Mixing such different styles unlocks a masterful way about them – which is really shown off in “Keeping Me Awake”. An excellent balance of poetic and fun, jazz and rock – this tune is catchy and sure to be on summer playlists.

“Out All Night” gives us a more acoustic rock vibe, a singer-songwriter kind of tune. You can just feel the sing-along to this exciting tune. All while being fun, lyrically – it is heart-wrenching. About heartbreak and moving on, Wares gives us a break-up song as a fun-loving vibe. Campfires and friends are welcome, even encouraged when jamming out to this killer track.

“Dirt” is a track the brings us back to the sultry side of Wares, with a futuristic spin. Beautifully executed, “Dirt” is sure to give listeners chills, with its haunting vocals and otherworldly sound.

“Jeremiah” makes you want to dance. Short and sweet, this tune will have you on your feet and singing along. Sure to be one of the songs you play on long drives – “Jeremiah” is masterful in both taste and lyrics… possibly the perfect combination of gritty, fun, poetry and angst Wares could have mustered.

Finishing up Wares is “Die Here” – which feels like a punch to the heart. You can hear the sadness in the guitar. While vocally being angsty, this tune is from the heart. It’s a sad song with a good attitude. Happy go lucky meets angsty and heartfelt.

There is no other way to say it – Wares is genius. Full of emotion, artistry, and heartfelt goodness – each song bringing something different to the table. Masterfully arranged, and executed, Wares is sure to become a must-have in any music lovers arsenal.

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